During my fourth and final year in college, I was accepted into an alternative design program called InnovationSpace. The multidisciplinary course grouped together four students to create an innovative product for modern day. After months of research, we successfully managed to combine three concepts into one—designing a device called COR, which is a holster-like nest for a standard 1L IV fluid bag to rest in.

innovationspace mid-year show posters (3), actual dimensions 24" x 48"; program: illustrator
cor product rendering by industrial designer dan allen
brady gentile, danielle gerard, rachel austin, dan allen

In the medical supply field, representatives often bring iPads to present new products to prospective doctors and hospitals. My goal for building this website was to optimize it for tablet presentation in order to quickly showcase our device.

visit cor product pitch

The beginning of my third year was dedicated to designing information. On the first day of class, all 43 students in the program had to fill out a questionnaire. I designed the above infographic to include each entry of data.

class survey infographic, actual size 11" x 17"; program: illustrator
book-binding infographic, actual size 11" x 17"; program: illustrator
deepwater horizon infographic, actual size 11" x 17"; program: illustrator
danielle gerard branding

The vision for my brand reflects my minimalist design aesthetic—as well as my favorite color, pink. I gravitated toward a deeper shade of pink with gray neutrals to merge my personal vision with my professional work. I also saw an opportunity to create iconography. I joined the ‘d’ from my first name and the ‘g’ from my last name to create the above logo.

danielle gerard logo; program: illustrator
c 35 m 100 y 37 k 11
r 158 g 0 b 93
c 1 m 1 y 1 k 0
r 249 g 249 b 249
c 0 m 0 y 0 k 0
r 255 g 255 b 255
c 19 m 15 y 16 k 0
r 204 g 204 b 204
color palette
century gothic
school, 2012
school, 2015

In learning basic html during school, I was limited to the view of my laptop screen throughout the design process. As students, we were not yet aware of the ability to design responsively—a one-size-fits-all web frame. The above shows the progression of digital development, as well as my own design and coding capabilities.