parental prevention app summer 2018
logo design and branding exploration post mortem; creative direction and design

program: illustrator

The Teknekk app is a solution for children, and adults, to any neck stain they may see from leaning over to view tech devices. This powerful handicap inspired the image mark that is easily identifable by all ages, while showing the severity of 'tech neck'.

the below compositions were not seen to fruition by tekenkk
teknekk logo; black and white
teknekk logo; rgb color

A bright, scholastic color scheme applied to the app thumbnail brings contrast to the device homescreen. After an initial branding frame, the screen appears with an icon commanding the action teknekk requires. A powerful quote greets the user before signing up for full-time monitoring.

shown on an iphone; program: photoshop
2-color logo variations; program: illustrator
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