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you can take the girl out of arizona...

I'm an Arizona native and a former New York City professional. After spending 6 years in NYC, I now call Charlotte, NC my home.
Photo taken on the Staten Island Ferry. I am still in awe that the ride was free.
madden madden madden

While in college, I completed three summer internships—all for Steve Madden in Long Island City. During the school year, they hired me as a remote Web Designer. I woke up every morning before 6AM in Arizona to be available for my supervisor at 9AM in New York.
MADDEN shoe box I designed during my first internship in the men's department.

During my fourth and final year in school, I was accepted into an alternative design program called InnovationSpace. Along with my immensely talented, multidisciplinary team, we developed COR. The creation of this hypothermic therapy device was sponsored by the Center for Nanotechnology in Society at ASU.
COR product rendering by Industrial Designer and team member Dan Allen.
danielle gerard, lucky

Only two weeks after graduating with a B.S.D., I headed to New York for a 3-week project with Lucky magazine. Little did I know, that trip would mark the beginning of my permanent move to Manhattan.
Photo of my badge for the Lucky fabb event. Campaign branding by Melissa Walters.
in perspective

I thoroughly enjoy traveling back to my alma mater to speak to current students about life after graduation. I wouldn’t have accomplished what I have today without my mentors, and there's no better way to thank them than by paying it forward.
Poster from my latest event at ASU. Event organized by Evelyn de la Cruz.
on a lighter note...

I play the violin, I am a "dog person" and my biggest pet peeve is when people claim that Arizona isn't that hot because it’s “a dry heat.” Tell that to the eggs I’ve fried on the street.
Eliano Braz graciously let me play his violin during a late night subway ride.

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